Gesch Construction LLC. Remodeled Kitchen 1
Gesch Construction LLC. Remodeled Kitchen 2
Gesch Construction LLC. Remodeled Bathroom
Gesch Construction LLC. Remodeled Kitchen 1
Gesch Construction LLC. Remodeled Kitchen 2
Gesch Construction LLC. Remodeled Bathroom

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Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom might just be one room in your home, but it is the room that every family member and visitor is dependent on. It is important who you hire to upgrade or remodel it. Why not take the safe route and go with the Louisiana-licensed Home Improvement contractors at Gesch Construction LLC.?

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The Industry’s Affordable Bathroom Remodelers

Whether you’re looking for a glamorous display of tiles on your bathroom wall, floor-to-ceiling shower tiles, or a brand-new bathroom sink, we can help you. Our services range from the replacement of basic utilities to a complete bathroom upgrade. What’s more, these services are affordable.

Our services save you money at every turn. It’s not just that we work quickly, either. The secret lies in the planning and our deep-seated passion for home remodeling. This passion has our project leaders regularly researching the latest remodeling trends and construction materials out there. You won’t catch us suggesting outmoded faucets or last season’s light fixtures––no way.

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Enhance Your Bathroom’s Form and Function

Studies show that the average American spends at least 2 years of their entire life in their bathroom. That’s a long time, isn’t it? With so much time spent in there, wouldn’t you rather be comfortable rather than repeatedly inconvenienced? Wouldn’t you rather have a toilet you can sit on without banging your knees against the sink or the bathtub? Wouldn’t you rather have a bathtub, comfortable lighting, or a standing shower?

Many people think you have to choose between form and function when it comes to their bathroom. They think your bathroom needs to be practical instead of comfortable. We disagree. With our services, you can have it all. Your bathroom can be your sanitary sanctuary! We can install recessed lighting, comfortable bathtubs, and accommodating shelves! All you have to do is ask us.

Bathroom Tiles: Not Just for Your Floor

Are your bathroom floors moisture resistant?

That is a common problem among many old homes. In the past, they treated the bathroom just like any other room in the house. But the reality is, that a bathroom is unlike any other room in your house because of the high moisture content. You need to make sure your flooring system and walls are ready to handle all those spills, drips, and vapor.

Want to protect your bathroom walls? Ask us about our many tile options! We’ll help you select tiles that are both protective and eye-catching.

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

There is no better way to boost your home’s resale value than by partnering with us. With our expertise and access to the best materials for your buck, we’ll give you the most attractive bathroom on the block. Prospective homebuyers will be floored by your catalog-quality bathroom!

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Bathroom Remodeling